Gabbermap Community Commandments


Have fun:

  • THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY. Go forth and discover your city! Share all the cool things you find and the amazing places you love. Talk to your neighbors and make new friends. If you know an answer to a question posted or can offer up advice, don’t be shy! Help a bruva out!

  • SHARE ORIGINAL CONTENT. Now, while we encourage you to post about anything and everything, please be honest and up to date with your information. If you see a post that isn’t, down vote the hell out of ‘em.  

Don't be a jackass:

  • SET A GOOD EXAMPLE AND BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHERS. Courtesy is as contagious as the common cold in a crowded subway car.  Spread it with reckless abandon. Read on if you don’t get what we’re saying.

Let's break it down for you:

  • DO NOT POST INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT/LANGUAGE. Don’t harass another user, make threats, or make another user feel unsafe. This includes self harm.  Seriously, zon’t zo it. Don’t verbally attack another user. This is not Fight Club. Hate speech is not cool bruh. Not cool. Don’t post your naked photos here. No one wants to see an unwarranted photo of your privates. This includes your profile picture. Don’t use profanity. We all love to curse but this isn’t the place for it. Don’t violate the privacy of another user because that’s the government’s job, they need something to do.

  • DO NOT SPAM. Giving your family/friend’s business favorable reviews is frowned upon. Don’t try to argue, you’re biased by default. Let’s keep it honest yeah? We discourage posting spam within the blocks, spamming hashtags, or towards another individual.  If you must spam, spam somewhere else. The only spam allowed here is the one you can eat.

  • DO REPORT BAD BEHAVIOUR. See something, do something. First and foremost, this is your community.  As such, we welcome you to take the necessary steps to flag content/users that may violate any of the commandments. Please refrain from reporting someone simply because you disagree with their opinion or eyebrows (hate speech notwithstanding).

  • DO NOT ENGAGE IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Gabbermap isn’t the place to contact your drug dealer. Just text them. The lone exceptions are cities where marijuana is legal. Lucky bastards. Using Gabbermap to illicit sexual contact is a big no-no. There are hundreds of dating apps to choose from. Do it there. Listen up because this is a big one. We do not tolerate any harm done to minors. We will go straight to law enforcement if we feel this is the case. Don’t infringe on copyright and trademarks. Those companies are richer than us and could probably buy you. 

If you break any of these rules your profile and/or content WILL BE DELETED. It's not that hard guys. Just be a nice person and everything will be smooth sailing.

Go forth, gab away, and enjoy what's happening around you!